We are living in the golden age of innovation.

Thanks to an abundance of data and computational power, extraordinary scientific breakthroughs are being made in new and unusual places each and every day. Much more, many of the great “failures” in the healthcare industry now represent a treasure trove of opportunity for those who are willing to think differently and embrace new technologies.

IV BioHoldings is a venture studio focused on the creation of virtual biotech startups. By connecting data, technology and capital, we can unlock value from intellectual property (IP) that is being overlooked or discarded by traditional means of scientific discovery.

We believe that innovation in healthcare occurs at the ground level. Virtual companies, characterized by low overhead, lean budgets and a singular focus, are crucial to making personalized medicine a reality for all.

By dedicating all of our time and resources towards building value around promising IP and collaborating with outside partners across healthcare, technology and the investment industries, we can speed innovation to market – Saving lives and reducing healthcare costs worldwide.

This is our mission.

Meet the CEO

Marty Keiser is an accomplished thought-leader in the field of public and private investing. Throughout his decade-long career on Wall Street, Marty has advised some of the largest wealth management teams in America, identifying and explaining investment trends and opportunities all in an effort to maximize returns and minimize risk for individual investors.

After graduating magna cum laude from Coastal Carolina University with a B.S. in Marketing, Marty began his career in 2008 at Legg Mason Global Asset Management with a front row seat to the financial crisis. In 2011, he became the youngest person in firm history promoted to Sales Director in a major metropolitan market (Southern California). Marty quickly shattered sales records and was honored to attend the NYSE closing bell ceremony based on his sales achievements during two separate Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s).

In 2015, Marty was recruited by Lord Abbett & Co and proudly served as Regional Manager for the Greater Orange County market. During his final year at Lord Abbett, Marty was responsible for raising $780 Million in investor capital across various investment strategies and ranked 3rd industrywide within his respective market.

After several years as an early-stage biotech investor, Marty made a life-changing decision to step away from the asset management industry to take advantage of what he believes to be the early innings of a healthcare technology renaissance. Marty now serves as CEO of IV BioHoldings, LLC, an investment holding company focused exclusively on seeding and developing virtual life sciences startups.

After nearly seven wonderful years living in Newport Beach, CA, Marty and his wife Katie relocated back to their hometown of Fairfield, CT with their two daughters, Lilly and Ava, and their Shih Tzu ‘Mr. Chewy’. Marty’s passions include spending time with family, connecting with friends, attending Southport Congregational church and working out at the local Equinox. He is also an avid car enthusiast (both new and old) and enjoys inspiring men’s fashion through his social media platform.


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